New interpretation of the 3 d printing – there is life, the concept of running shoes

New interpretation of the 3 d printing – there is life, the concept of running shoes

Use 3 d printing to making shoes is not news, but with primitive cells to when printing material, thus creating a pair of running shoes that have life seems to be still a first.Created by London designer Shamees Aden and specializes in original cell technology professor at the university of southern Denmark Martin Hanczyc Dr Cooperative development, this revolutionary concept running shoes called “Protocells Trainer”, a prototype had just two days ago in London Wearable Futures conference exposure.

Protocells Trainer

Although Protocells (original) cannot be independent survival basic molecules, but as long as the organically combined can be transformed into life.Because of this pair of shoes is mixed in different types of biological molecules, on the basis of the original cells so that the pressure and the external environment change such as heat, light produce reaction, a new type of synthetic biology material and has the capability of air exhaust, depending on the force to expand or narrow, provide additional support for the wearer buffer.

Protocells Trainer

Use of 3 d printing “Protocells Trainer” as the second skin of human, can seamless joint wearer foot, light and comfortable.Although after the wearing of cells will lose vitality, but as long as the shoes into liquid containers filled with primitive cells, shoes in life will be to repair itself, in addition, cells can also be dyed according to the wearer preferences.

Protocells Trainer

It is like a plant, as long as every day to ensure it to absorb enough nutrition, can restore automatically cell activity.

Protocells Trainer

It is understood that the finished product is expected to debut until 2050, although they are environmental protection, but so thin to how to protect the soles of your feet?One thousand stepped on glass?And look like thriller, not beautiful appearance is very difficult to market well, so it is better to buy cheap Nike shoes.


Good figure, the need to running!Eight kind of jogging shoes recommended for you

Life is movement, want good figure nature without persistent movement.But before movement of some make you get twice the result with half the effort with ease of jogging shoes is serious business.

Restoring ancient ways is the New production Balance M670SKO New color

New Balance M670SKO

A sports brand New Balance and popularity for its running shoes Made in England M670SKO released New color design.The British made sense don’t need to say more, choose high-grade suede and breathable mesh material makes the shoe body restoring ancient ways, with dark blue tone and dotted with orange details, make shoes match colors more have administrative levels feeling.

Tong qu ponder Keith Haring Reebok joint x series

Keith Haring x Reebok

Sports brand Reebok teamed up again before the late legendary artist Keith Haring’s foundation, to create a “Crack is Wack” signed a series of 2014 autumn winters.This series with Instapump Fury, Omni Lite, Court Victory, Running Dual and Aerobic Lite five shoe model as the foundation, with artists in 1986 stroke of inspiration, design printing and decoration into the wave general style shoes is full of tong qu and ponder.

Autumn and winter in Hawaii Nike “Hawaii” series

Nike “Hawaii”

Speaking of qiu dong series, can choose to compare brand mostly dark tonal design, but Nike has played with retrograde, will be full of tropical Feel “Hawaii” elements into its running shoes “Retro.This series aims to salute to Honolulu marathon in 1984, the selection of Air Pegasus’ 83 shoe contour, Hawaii printing element combination suede shoe body, leather Swoosh and followed by choose the same color makes the overall color is more bright.

Outdoor color Asics “is suing Pack”

Outdoor Pack

A sports brand Asics launched 2014 autumn “is suing Pack” series, including its classic shoes Gel Lyte III two color “Dark Green” and “Honey Mustard”, Gel Spotlyte “Dark Green” color and Gel Saga “Dark Grey” color.Outline three classic shoe money deserve to go up to cater to the color of autumn atmosphere, provides the autumn with more choices.

Classic famous Saucony Originals


Known as the “Rolls-Royce” of sports shoes in the United States in one hundred, slow running shoes brand Saucony has attracted much attention in recent years, and has the brand launched a new series of 2014 autumn winters, for its classic shoe money the Jazz, the Original Grid 9000 5000 to build the new color series and Shadow.Classic shoes shoes with different color, create a different atmosphere, like the Saucony friends don’t miss!

Grab an eye color Play Cloths Saucony x series

Play Cloths x Saucony

T run by the United States popular rappers Pusha street Play Cloths again teamed up with “Rolls-Royce in running shoes” Saucony joint built “Strange Fruit” series.The series for Saucony’s classic 5000 shoe money running shoes Shadow outline, release the new three color that grabs an eye, and joint cooperation with before, in the star pattern with the instep with conspicuous.

Pure and fresh and green “Seaglass don’t note” series


A British famous shoe shop size?Again teamed up with Reebok sports brand, together with the new “Seaglass don’t note series.This series with Reebok another two shoes and Reebok Classic model based, selects the high quality color and pure and fresh green suede material made from the shoe body, in contrast with rubber soles.

Fashion graffiti Nike Roshe Run

nike roshe run

Trend of graffiti brush, make the Nike Roshe Run, all show fashion charm, on the simple black and white color, create classic fashion elements, have to say that this is a classic cheap Nike shoes.

Never stop!One of the most popular winter slow running shoes

Don’t think the cold outdoor environment, can treat as sleepy excuse for laziness.Sitting in the office, you that long time no movement of the body, must have already in a state of fatigue, the efficiency must also be discounted, why don’t you put on light movement, injected a little energy for your tired body.



Price: £541.61

Want to stay fashionable in sports is still bearing?This pair of texture of running shoes, can satisfy all your needs.Shoe body shiny particle texture, fluorescent color soles on collocation, has a color of bionics design elements, both fashion and functional, are worth waiting for.



Price: £391

There is no denying the fact that this pair of the charm of its lightsome shoes from Valentino, neutral colors together with the ornament of profusion, let a shoe body is full of bright spot;Plain suede leather with shiny leather combination a unique visual feeling, and the mesh material collocation, harmonious just right.Movement time, wearing such a pair of running shoes, must help you.

Raf Simons

Raf Simons

Price: £392.92

There is no doubt that with metallic leather, is popular in this season’s biggest bright spot.
While the shuangliu linear modelling running shoes, a good grasp the popular elements, and the appropriate it into the shoe design, avant-garde fashion design.If the movement and the combination of high fashion is the current trend, then this pair of cheap Nike shoes, is the best representative of this trend.

Nike Free run

  Nike Free run

Price: $65
New Balance

New Balance

Price: £205.53

A pair of modelling classic basic running shoes, has always been a quality men each essential.The style need not too loud, more emphasis on functional, light and comfortable is the highlight of the shoes, running shoes, so plain, must can provide you with sports perfect enjoyment.

Leopard grain, the combination of classical and fashion – air Max 90 Flowers

Leopard grain, the combination of classical and fashion – air Max 90 Flowers

Leopard element has always been a popular fashion symbol, air Max 90 Flowers design of this pair of shoes, perfect shows this element.
The appearance of the shoes, as its name, like flowers,
And like, put on fashionable leopard grain coat,
With fashion, and sexy leopard grain, bright like a flower, looks so beautiful.
The foot to wear, comfortable degree is self-evident.
Wear the girl of this pair of Nike running shoes, is to let a person feel sexy and cute.
Have been amazed by the design of the Nike, will always bring us a lot of surprise,
So thoughtful design, Nike for female users.
Also let us more expectation, Nike next time will bring us more surprises!

Leopard grain, the combination of classical and fashion - air Max 90 Flowers
Leopard grain, the combination of classical and fashion – air Max 90 Flowers

Glance fell in love with it,red, women’s favorite color! red Nike shoes!

Glance fell in love with it,red, women’s favorite color! red Nike shoes!

Beautiful girls!
Looking for shoes?
Hurry see come over, as long as a look, you will like it.
It is Nike air Max 90 Women!

Glance fell in love with it,red, women's favorite color! red Nike shoes!
Glance fell in love with it,red, women’s favorite color! red Nike shoes!

Red is a favorite of fashionable girl,
Put it on, on trail jogging in the morning, is a wonderful thing.
Wear it, you will blossom infinite vitality of youth!Don’t hesitate, choose it!
It’s cheap, only need $55, of course, you can also buy more cheap Nike shoes,
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Top 10 Online cheap Nike shoes Sites


Top 10 Online cheap Nike shoes Sites

Cheap Nike shoes has always been,
The budget of the few people’s first choice,on the Internet,
There are countless cheap Nike shoes website,
For the convenience of the people, buy cheap Nike shoes
We list a list, you can from this list, choose to buy Nike shoes,
This is our list of the top 10 cheap Nike shoes website, stand out from the crowd.
6PM is a comprehensive shopping website, of course, there are cheap Nike shoes sell,
The price of the Nike shoes is not very expensive,
Because it is a comprehensive shopping website,
Product page is very much,
Selection is not very convenient, need to spend a lot of time,
If you have more free time, can choose it.
2. Eastbay
Similar to 6 PM, is also a comprehensive shopping websites, in addition to Nike shoes,
Adidas here seems cheaper,
Is a better choice.
3. The sneakerhead
Sneakerhead integrated shopping site,
Nike shoes seems to be more expensive price,shoes are of good quality,
Update quickly, main product is puma sneakers.
4. Aliexpress
Focus on the user experience of shopping website, web page looks like taobao,
Choose products here is very convenient, do not need to spend too much time,
Nike shoes is not the cheapest, it is a pity.
5. Prodirectselect
The website style and sneakerhead alike, seems to be the same company?
Page is very good-looking, young people will be very like, Nike shoes products rich.
6. Footlocker
Should and prodirectselect the same company, nothing special,
Page color is rich, rich in Nike shoes products, best price.
7. Kohls
Web page loading speed is slow, the reason is that more images,
Select it, the premise is your computer configuration is better.
Looking for cheap Nike shoes also spend a lot of time.
Product pictures are very good-looking,
The classification of the product is not very obvious, take attention.
8. Sportsauthority
Nike shoes are very cheap, is sportsauthority advantages, product updates quickly,
The main selling sports equipment.
9. Mandmdirect
Similar to kohls,  Nike shoes cheap,
The page is very good-looking, select it,
Need a good Internet speed.
10. Thenmall – a rising star, pages load quickly, product updates quickly,
Nike shoes high performance to price ratio.
If you want to buy cheap Nike shoes, or nike running shoes,
Here is the best choice!
Free shipping over $100 +!First order get a free hat!

5 Secrets to Buying Your Perfect Running Shoes

5 Secrets to Buying Your Perfect Running Shoes
5 Secrets to Buying Your Perfect Running Shoes

5 Secrets to Buying Your Perfect Running Shoes

I know women love shoes, and it can be hard to say no to the bright colors and futuristic designs of the various pairs designed for working out, but what looks good may not be

the best fit for your feet. To help avoid foot cramps, blisters, and skin-torn toes, I created this list of simple shoe-buying tips that ensure proper fit and foot support. The

guidelines below will carry you across the finish line with comfort and ease.

1. Shop Around
The price of shoes is on the climb, as many brands are dealing with higher costs in shipping, manufacturing, and materials. Don’t let this stand in the way of your perfect fit.

Do your research and shop around for the best price. You may be able to find the same shoes you tried on and loved in a specialty store at a better price online.

2. Buy at Night
Make shoe purchases in the evening when your feet are at their largest. You want a half-inch of space in front of your longest toe and to be able to easily wiggle all of your

toes. Slip the shoes off and compare them with your bare feet. If the sneakers aren’t obviously wider and longer than your foot, go up half a size.

3. Know Your Foot Type
Wet the bottom of one foot and step on a brown paper bag. Step off and trace over the wet imprint with a pencil. Bring this to your local running store, where a specialist can

match your foot shape with the perfect shoe.

4. Know Your Terrain
Consider where you’ll use these shoes the most: on a trail, at the gym, on pavement, or to walk around town?

5. Avoid Overuse
nike running shoes break down. Wearing the same pair every day or at times when you are not

running decreases the life of sole. Keep a second set of sneaks on hand for running errands and change your running shoes every 500 miles or five months. Write the date of

purchase on the tongue of one of your shoes as an easy reminder of the five-month mark.

Stay tuned for a list of my five favorite cheap nike sneakers

for all different foot types!

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